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While it’s easy to let web design fall by the wayside when building a brand, this is a detrimental thing to overlook. According to Stanford University research, three in every four consumers judge how reputable a business is based on how its website looks.

Professional web design and responsive web development are therefore critical to any business strategy. Read on to learn the benefits of hiring an expert web page designer and how you can get started.

An Attractive Website

Creative web designs are the cornerstone of making your business memorable. Rockwell, Texas businesses can take advantage of current design trends to ensure a sleek and modern look. This ensures that your website looks reputable and up-to-date so that people know you’re keeping up with your current market.

Web designers can easily update your site to add:

  • Kinetic typography (aka moving text)
  • Animated illustrations
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Infographics
  • SEO-optimized images and videos
  • Minimalistic design principles
  • Monochromatic color schemes
  • Popular organic shapes that make you seem friendly and approachable

They also understand how to make your text bolder and clearer. Applying principles of contrast has never been easier than experts make it, and your site will have an attractively high-contrast color scheme for easy readability.

Plus, improvements to your navigation make it easier for people to get around your website! Experimental principles that generate visual interest on navigation pages make you stand out and make a huge impact with unique branding.

Optimized Images

Almost all modern devices in 2024 support high-quality, high-resolution images. They’re detailed, clear, and use lots of colors and precise shapes to appeal to people’s sense of sight.

If you try to upload images by yourself, you’ll likely struggle to make them the resolution necessary for good-looking pictures. Even if you do, integrating them into your website and making them load quickly will be a challenge.

Experts know how to change the size of an image without bringing their quality down. They understand dimensions, alt tags, and principles that make them load fast. This means your page will be responsive while still offering the good-looking graphics users love.  

Responsive Web Development

“Responsive web design” means that your website will automatically be optimized to every user’s specific device. It can shift based on screen sizes and orientations. It also can change when the user alters their layout in half-screen browsers or multiple tabs.

This is difficult for businesses to accomplish on their own because of the expert tools and resources required. You’ll need flexible grids and layouts, which usually come from templates or custom-made designs. You also will need to understand CSS media queries, which can take a while to master because of tough-to-crack codes.

Web design professionals already know how to use these tools so you won’t need to waste hours understanding them. You also won’t need to pay for software you’ll barely use post-development.

Creating a responsive website means a user-friendly web design. People are more likely to continue browsing and following links to your top-performing products and services. This isn’t even to mention how good a responsive site is for SEO – crawlers value responsiveness greatly!

Mobile-Ready Web Design

2023 research found that 60% of worldwide web traffic comes from smartphones. Half of the total time people spend online comes from these devices.

That’s not all, though – 82% of American shoppers purchase things from mobile devices over desktop computers.

Mobile readiness is one of the most important aspects of responsive web development. People are most likely to initially access your page via these devices, and a site that only works well on desktops will be frustrating for users. They’re more likely to struggle with the interface, have trouble making purchases, and click away.

Professional custom web design solutions solve these problems with ready-made mobile skins. They’ll make sure that your page looks good on Apple and Android devices including smartphones and tablets. They may also be able to develop an app for you so loyal shoppers can make purchases while on the go more easily.

Fast First Impressions

Users only take about 0.05 seconds to form a first impression of your website. You read that right – that’s 50 milliseconds.

It makes sense, then, that most people bounce from your website if it doesn’t load within three to five seconds. Slow load times lead to high bounce rates, which is bad for SEO in addition to losing your customers.

A professional web designer can develop your page beyond aesthetics. They can alter the coding of your page and ensure that all graphics and images are embedded into its structure correctly. Experts aim to make load times faster with simple alterations that they’ve succeeded with many times before.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

Professional website design also makes it easy to integrate your page into the whole of your marketing strategy.

A well-designed website has landing pages tailor-made to connect with Google Ads. Blog posts will all be social-media-friendly so that you can link back to your website and drive inbound traffic. You also are more likely to get people from your website to your Twitter and Instagram pages, which gives you the chance to form continuous impressions from followers.

Experts also understand how to optimize your website to SEO principles. Every blog post, about page, and landing page will have integrated keywords that people are looking up regularly. These keywords show your website to people who make similar queries in Google.

You can also create keyword-rich image descriptions, source codes, and video meta descriptions. However, keyword research can be hard for individual business owners, so leaving it to the pros means less stress and higher rates of success.

Find Custom Web Design Services

Now that you know why professional web design is important to site performance, it’s time to begin improving the look of your webpage. Key Element Media is committed to helping you showcase your brand message and appeal to your target audience easily.

We help with SEO and SEM strategies as well as user-friendly web design to ensure that you have a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy. Contact us today to discuss your objectives and how we can help you meet these goals and boost your brand.

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