How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

The length of time to build a website can range. Most sites complete in four to six weeks. Obviously smaller, more basic sites will take less time than a very large e-commerce site. The pace of the project is usually set by the client. If you have a specific date or time frame, we make every effort to accommodate that. We try to have a design available within 2-3 business days. From there the time is mostly determined by access to content.

Do I Have to Be Local To Work With You?

You don’t! While we work with many clients in the Dallas area, we have clients all over the US.

Can I update the site myself when it is finished?

Yes. We will teach you how to make basic updates to your site. If you are hosting with us, we provide a set amount of hours per year for web site updates, but you can still update the site yourself if needed.

Will You Maintain My Site For Me?

Absolutely. If we are hosting your website, maintenance is included. Keeping your site updated with the newest code not only provides safety, but it helps everything run smoother.

Is your web design mobile friendly?

Yes. With more users moving to their mobile devices for searches, having a mobile-ready site is paramount.

When Do I Pay?

For web design projects, we typically work off a of a 50/50 model. 50% of the invoice is due to start the project and the rest is collected at the completion. Other services like SEO, Paid Search Management and Google Business Profile Optimization is paid in advance of our services.

Who Writes the Conent for the Web Site?

We think it is best for your to write the content and we can help modify it if needed. If that isn’t something that sounds appealing or if you don’t have time, we will write the content and optimize it.

Where should my web site be hosted?

Hosting can be very important. We provide VPS hosting for our clients who want it, included with a host of other maintenance services. All of our clients are welcome to host their own site, but we do have preference on what hosting companies to use.

What If I need Help down the Road?

We are here to help. If you are not hosting your site with us, we are still available to help you make changes, updates or additions to your site.