Modern Website Design Trends: How to Stand Out From the Crowd


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Imagine running a company that has no trouble connecting with customers offline but can’t seem to establish a strong online presence. This can hold you back and prevent you from reaching your target metrics.

It’s not enough to simply have a website, though. Approximately 94% of users say business websites should be easy to navigate.

Implementing modern website trends goes a long way toward keeping your site engaging and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll also have no issue standing out from your competitors.

Let’s explore the key information about web design trends you should keep in mind when designing your site.


This is one of the most important trends to keep in mind, as it can be deceptively powerful when leveraged appropriately. This philosophy emphasizes that less is more, so you’ll find a lot of negative space on sites with minimalist designs. This draws the user’s attention to the actual content.

Large images can have a dramatic effect and make the site more engaging. However, it’s imperative to ensure you use high-quality images. Otherwise, you can deter users from staying on your page for more than a few seconds.

Bold Colors and Typography

Modern sites are beginning to increase their use of bold colors and typography to stand out from their competitors. These elements can quickly grab someone’s attention and ensure your content or offer is memorable. Be careful not to overdo it when designing your site.

If most of your site’s elements are “loud,” the effect can become diluted. You should also only emphasize content that needs attention.

Effective Use of Whitespace

This is a difficult skill to learn but a crucial one to pursue. As the name implies, whitespace refers to the space between your site’s elements. This is incorporated to make your site easier to read and comprehend.

It’s also easier on the eyes, as visually busy sites can be overwhelming for some users. The best elements to place whitespace around include calls to action (CTAs), images, and text-based content.

The easier your site is to read, the longer people will stay on it. This ensures you keep your bounce rate minimal.

For those unaware, bounce rate is a metric that refers to scenarios where people leave your site shortly after reaching it. If it increases too much, it could lower your search engine ranking.

Responsive Design

This term refers to your site’s ability to display correctly across multiple devices. Consider the last few times you had to quickly look up information. Chances are you used your smartphone, especially for simple search queries.

If your site doesn’t adapt to the devices your users are on, it could negatively impact their experience. Situations like these could cause your audience to turn to competitors instead. If this occurs, there’s a good chance they won’t return to your company in the future.

Hamburger Menus

This menu option is a great way to streamline your site’s overall appearance. These are generally three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. When clicked on, they expand into multiple tabs.

It’s thought that the surge in popularity of hamburger menus is a result of how useful they are for mobile formatting. It’s essential to use this design element appropriately so you don’t detract from your site’s user experience.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Some websites don’t render correctly on certain browsers. While this issue is often resolved by switching to a new browser, you can’t assume your audience will always do so. It’s essential to conduct cross-browser testing to ensure your site works like it should regardless of how your users access it.

Optimized Loading Speed

The longer your site takes to load, the less likely your users will stay. This is true even if a page takes more than a few seconds to display properly. To keep load times as short as possible, there are certain methods you can leverage.

A common one is image compression. Smaller image sizes load faster and ensure they don’t become a bottleneck that affects your page speed. Enabling HTTP browser caching is another way you can do so.

Users who have visited your site in the past will find that your site loads faster than the first time they went to it. The more strategies you use, the better you can optimize your site.

Fluid Navigation

Your users should be able to find the information they’re looking for in the places they expect to find it. Intuitive navigation is essential for providing the best experience. One of the best ways to facilitate this is by incorporating a search function on your site.

However, you’ll need to ensure it functions appropriately. Many site owners make the mistake of having their site’s search engine include page titles and page content by default. It’s best to give users an option to filter their search results.

For instance, assume someone wanted to search through a marketing agency’s blog. If their queries return blog content instead of only titles, it will be exceedingly difficult to sift through the available information.


Accessibility refers to making your site accessible to those who have alternative needs or disabilities. The fewer barriers your site has, the better. To clarify, imagine if someone on your site had a visual impairment and couldn’t easily see your site’s content.

You could provide the option to use narration on your site if they aren’t already doing so through their computer’s operating system. Adding subtitles to videos and allowing users to resize font are also recommended.

Don’t Overlook Modern Website Trends

It’s imperative to consider these modern website trends so you can make your website as appealing as possible. From here, you’ll have no trouble standing out from the crowd and connecting better with your audience.

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