Pay Per Click Ad Management

What keywords should you pay for? How much should you pay for it? These are common questions about pay per click advertising. We manage over $1 million annually in Google ad spend and are ready to help you strategically manage your ad campaigns.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click campaigns require constant monitoring. Competition causes pricing per keyword to change, rankings to fluctuate and traffic to vary. Developing a solid plan, keyword strategy, landing page design and price structure is imperative to the success of a campaign.

PPC Ads are complex, and when you are spending ad money, you need to be accurate and efficient. Our team is ready to help you succeed in your PPC ad campaign. We walk your through each step and collaborate with you on what is best for your business and your budget.

PPC Management
SEO Reporting

Keyword Research

Before we pay for a keyword, we want to make sure it is the best use of your ad dollars and relevant to your business.

Reporting and Data

PPC Campaigns requires continuous monitoring of rankings, bid prices, conversions and much more.


Keeping a close eye on changes in PPC ranking, spend and click through ratios is imperative. Your competition can cause sharp changes in results and traffic.

The numbers

Pay Per Click ads require knowledge and skill to be accurate and beneficial. The more you spend, the more money Google makes and they, like any business, want to make more money. This means your campaign shouldn’t be entirely based on Google’s recommendations. You’ll likely be paying for keywords that have zero chance of bringing you business.

  • Percentage of Adwords Accounts Wasting Money – 76%
  • PPC First Ranking Click Through Rate – 30%
  • Clicks in the Top 3 Ads – 41%