With BILLIONS of searches yearly on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines, it is important that you are able to reach your potential market online. At Key Element Media, we have become experts in search engine optimization for smaller local markets, larger urban markets and national campaigns.


SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is a world of changing Google algorithms and rules. Our team stays on top of changes, updates and methods that aide in site ranking and visibility. We optimize content, optimize site speed, audit all of the pages title tags and meta descriptions and URL structure. This insures we have a good base before proceeding with SEO services.

Our SEO services include one-time site optimization as well as monthly SEO maintenance. Pricing for SEO services vary by the market, keywords and competition in the target market. Contact us today for a consultation or estimate.

SEO Algorithm
SEO Reporting

Keyword Research

Before we rank for a keyword, we want to make sure it is not only relevant to your business, but also has the needed search volume.

Reporting and Data

SEO requires continuous monitoring of rankings, traffic, conversions and much more.


Reports and data can also alert us to new opportunities in content, or modifications to current content to be increase visibility.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytic data provide the information we need see the results of our efforts. We produce monthly reports for our clients that include their site traffic, keyword rankings, competitors rankings, keyword suggestions and query data.

We also use data to begin SEO projects. Our team performs keyword research, so we know the keywords we choose have traffic volume, and takes an analysis of your competition with a site audit. Analytic reports are key to measuring your sites growth, areas of opportunity and overall authority.

SEO Data

The numbers

SEO is filed with different sets of numbers. From organic rankings to click through rates. Looking at the overall data, organic search rankings are vital the the online success of a business. 73% of all traffic to a business website is achieved through an organic search ranking. Contact us today for a free consultation about your site and search ranking.

  • Searches with Local Intent – 46%
  • Top 3 Google Ranking Click Percentage – 58%
  • Percentage of All Traffic to Business – 73%

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