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About 82% of people use local businesses frequently, and they prefer to do so. After all, they believe that local stores and restaurants are more trustworthy, offer more personalized services, and give higher-quality work to patrons. Reliable service and professional staff are also core factors in getting people to shop locally.

People want to come through your doors, but they need to know you exist first. A Google Maps ranking check is one of the best ways that you can boost your visibility and generate brand awareness.

Read on to learn the basics of these checks and why ranking on Google Maps is so important.

The Power of Google Maps

To understand why Google Maps is important for businesses, it’s important to first look at some local SEO statistics:

  • 76% of those who search for a local business on their smartphones will visit a nearby location within one day
  • 28% of searches for nearby products result in a purchase
  • 54% of people with a smartphone search for business hours
  • 53% of smartphone users search for directions to local stores
  • Between 2017 and 2019, “x store near me” searches increased by 250%
  • Throughout 2022, “open now near me” searches increased by 400%

A Google Maps listing ensures that your business will show up in local searches.

This is because Google compiles a lot of different information about your business. It shows your business to those with their GPS on in your service area. If someone has set their preferences to show relevant businesses within 20 miles and they’re within that radius, your business will show up after a “near me” search.

When your business appears, you gain market visibility with all of the information that Google has brought together. Pictures of your venue and products, reviews from recent customers, and links to your official website will all show up.

This is called your Google Business Profile. It drives inbound traffic to your site and gets local people through the door. Plus, since those who made a relevant search are looking specifically for businesses like yours, you’re reaching your target market directly.

In order to make this impact, though, you’ll need to actually rank on Google Maps. That’s where a ranking check comes into play.

What Is a Google Maps Ranking Check?

A Google Maps ranking check is a professional process where experts check how visible your Rockwell TX business is online. Key Element’s knowledgeable team and expert tools will see how well your business is ranking through your Google Map of Google Business Profile.

The ranking check looks into multiple factors. The Google Business Profile is just one of many. The checker will tell you how you can make your profile more compelling, optimize it for a higher SEO ranking, include more accurate and extensive business information, and utilize more specialized GBP features you may not know of yet.

A ranker will also look into both on-page signals and past web reviews. You’ll be able to optimize on-page content like your vital details, contact information, and mobile compatibility. After that, online review optimization can help your off-page strategy since you can learn how to boost good reviews and get more people to leave them.

Your backlink profile and online citations are also important, and our ranking check will look into whether or not yours are high-quality. We’ll then ensure that your content is optimized to your local audience. An analysis of nearby user’s behavior and how you can localize your landing page is crucial.

The Importance of a Ranking Check

A Google Maps ranking check will give you real, data-driven insights into how you can improve your brand awareness. You’ll know what local keywords to include in SEO posts. You’ll understand how to update your GBP with real-time information that tells you how to upgrade your web presence.

You’ll also understand how to maintain visibility in local searches. As new businesses set up shop each day, your local business will stay ahead of new competitors. Your strong ranking for relevant searches means that you won’t be easily outpaced, especially by new startups that are still finding their footing.

A Better Reputation

Being at the top of local search results is just one benefit of a Google Maps ranking check. You’ll also get insight into how to update your information to be more accessible and accurate.

For example, it’s normal for businesses that have been open for a while to eventually increase their hours. If you forget to update your hours on your Google Business Profile, people won’t know you’re open and will skip your listing. This loses customers that might pop in otherwise!

Worse, listing that you’re open during hours that you’re not is extremely frustrating for your customers. It can make you look sloppy, disorganized, and unprofessional. The same applies to those with out-of-date contact information or misspelled words.

When you get a ranking check, experts will catch potential problems that are driving your ranking down. You’ll understand what you need to update to reposition yourself as a brand leader.

Enhanced SEO

Google Business Profiles are 100% customizable. You can include the information that you think is most important for people to know. Generally, this will include links to your official website service page.

A Google Maps ranking check can ensure that you’re leveraging all of the best strategies for market visibility. An expert can tell you whether you’re linking back to all your social media profiles to spread the word about your services.

This doesn’t just get all relevant information out there but also can boost your organic traffic. When you use these strategies in tandem with Google Ads, people will be buzzing about your services in no time!

Adding a link to your contact page from your Google Business Profile lets those looking at Google Maps reach out to you. This drives inbound traffic. Users can then call you for more information about your services, whether you have special hours, if and when you deliver, and more. 

Enhance Your Market Visibility ASAP

Now that you know the importance of getting a Google Maps ranking check, it’s time to spread awareness about your business.

Key Element Media is committed to helping local businesses in  Rockwall TX rank for relevant search terms. Contact our team to learn how we can assist you with expert tools and 20+ years of experience.

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