The Influence of an Inbound Link



There is not denying it…inbound links are an influential part of achieving a top search ranking and are an important part of the search engine marketing process. The Internet world does present challenges to the SEO process when finding quality inbound links.

The evolution of the search engine optimization process over the last 15-20 years is significant. High rankings were almost simple years ago. The method of obtaining a high ranking was certainly more straightforward and open. Heavy use of anchor text, directory submissions, keyword density and content were all big players in the ranking of a site. Couple these items with a nice domain name and a high ranking was almost easy.

Today you have to earn your citations and your overall ranking. And earning it doesn’t just include your site…it includes other aspects of your business, like social media and other contributions to the web. You must build relationships digitally and align content with outreach.

Quality links are an important part of a search-engine’s algorithm, and it doesn’t appear that will change any time soon.

Finding the right inbound link is a challenging and time consuming process. A current client we’re providing SEO for in the Dallas area is in a highly competitive space. The time we invested in finding and building quality inbound links was almost half of the total hours we spent for the month.

We have a methodical approach to the SEO process and definitely pencil in an adequate amount of time for research and implementation of inbound links.

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Jared Schweers

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Jared Schweers

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