It’s 2020, but did you know that 29% of small business owners didn’t even think about having a website until now?

If you’re one of them, then you need to get moving, pronto. You probably already know that the internet is an integral part of most Americans’ lives, so if you don’t have a digital presence, you’re missing on a significant amount of business.

While there are many ways to create your own website, we highly recommend hiring a professional web designer. Here are the many benefits you can get from doing so.

You’ll Save Time

As we’ve mentioned above, there are many free/cheap online tools where anyone can build a website. But if you don’t really have a background in web design, you may spend countless hours trying to figure out what to do.

Then, you need to figure out how to manipulate these tools to do exactly what you want. That is, if they even have those capabilities.

When you have a professional design your website, you won’t have to spend a huge chunk of time learning a skill you’ll probably never use again. You can just focus on your true passions instead.

It’ll Look Much Better

Free/cheap tools usually offer their users preset templates. Not only is this easier for the users to handle, but it’s also easier for the site to supply their “product.”

The result is tons of websites out there that look exactly the same. Or, if you look at enough of them, you’ll find familiar elements in all of them.

There are around 400 million active sites on the internet, so if you want to stand out above the rest of the crowd, you need to have an expert make a website for you. They can offer customizations down to the smallest details so your website is unique and memorable.

It’ll Run Smoother

Nowadays, people have no attention span. If your site doesn’t load in a few seconds, you can bet they’ll click off. And if it keeps crashing, they’ll look elsewhere too.

Not only can a web designer help you with the aesthetics of your website, but they can also optimize the backend as well. They’ll make sure that it runs fast and smooth so your visitors get the best experience possible.

You’ll Make It to the Top

Let’s face it: internet users don’t look past the top results on the first of search engine results pages (SERPs). To get yourself to those positions, you need to have a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

A professional web designer can perform SEO to ensure your website is seen.

Hire a Professional Web Designer Today

As you can see, hiring a professional web designer will be well worth your money. Not only can they help you create a website that runs well, but it’ll also look impeccable and rank high on SERPs.

SO don’t try to do it alone, as it’ll eat up precious time and the results won’t be as good. When you have an expert handle web design for you, it’ll be worth every penny you spend.

Would you like to create a website with the assistance of an expert? Then get in touch with us now.