Web Design and Online Trends: How Can a Professional Web Designer Help Your Business?


What if something hiding in plain sight was holding your business back?

Most of the time, entrepreneurs focus on marketing and brand-building as a way of establishing a successful business. Unfortunately, too many of these entrepreneurs have a terrible website that actually drives prospective customers away!

The solution is simple: if you want your business to reach its full potential, you need to hire a professional web designer. Keep reading to learn all the different ways such a designer can boost your business!

SEO Tips and Tricks

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, SEO is everything. It’s not enough to create killer content and use awesome images if you don’t know how to effectively get more people to click over to your website.

Fortunately, a professional web designer understands SEO inside and out. For example, a professional web designer knows what keywords provide the most value and how to really drive clicks. And they know exactly where to place SEO (from headers to meta tags) in a way that helps your site rise through the Google search rankings.

Long story short? You may have a perfect product, but that doesn’t automatically make people visit your site. For that, you need the SEO skills of a professional.

More Revenue

Why doesn’t every single business hire its own professional web designer? The answer is simple: hiring a designer costs money, and many business owners naively think they can skip on the web designer and save themselves some money.

We say “naively” because one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional web designer is that they more than pay for themselves. A great website isn’t one that is simply pretty to look at. Instead, a great site looks amazing while also attracting more visitors and driving more sales.

All of this adds up to more revenue for you. And if you avoid hiring a professional just to save a few dollars, just think of all the extra money you are effectively leaving on the table.

In addition to the revenue a professional can help you bring in, also consider the time saved by hiring a professional to complete the project. With some business owners spending thirty or more hours over several months to attempt at completing their site, it actually becomes less expensive to hire a web designer. Not only is the site built correctly, but it is built more quickly and without nearly the time investment for the business owner.

The Right Balance for Your Site

Sometimes, designing a website can make you feel a bit like Goldilocks. That’s because it takes a lot of time and effort to get things “just right.”

For example, it’s easy to cram too much imagery and text into a page, making the whole thing look like a Geocities nightmare from many years ago. But if you strip out too many elements in an effort to make a streamlined site, visitors may think your site is practically barren.

That’s why when people ask, “should I DIY my website,” we firmly say “no!” Instead, find a web designer who can strike the perfect balance between having too much information and too little information.

A Fast Site

It’s one thing to get people to click on your website, and it’s another thing to get them to stay there. And do you know what is likeliest to make visitors hit the “back” button? A slow-loading website, of course!

If your site takes too long to load, potential customers will click away and go visit your competitors instead. If you want to keep them around, the secret is making sure your website loads lightning fast.

As you might have guessed, this is where a professional web designer comes in. A pro knows how to integrate various features and use specific plugins to help the site load as quickly as possible.

This keeps your visitors around and makes it much likelier they will convert.

Make a Great Impression

Growing up, we all heard the classic phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And once you own a business, you realize just how true this phrase is!

No matter how great your products, services, and staff, your website is likely to be the first thing that a prospective customer notices. And if your website looks old and out-of-date, then users will take their business to a competitor with a more modern website.

Unless you want to keep losing ground to the competition, you need to craft a website that looks state-of-the-art. And that means bringing in a professional web designer.

Crafting Better CTAs

We have focused on many of the “big picture” things a web designer can help you with. But a good designer can also help with the smaller things that have a big impact. And the biggest example of this is helping you create better CTAs.

Shockingly, Small Business Trends discovered that 70% of small business B2B sites have no CTAs whatsoever. Many other types of businesses also lack CTAs. And if we’re being honest, most of the CTAs on sites that do have them are pretty weak.

Aside from all that major visual design stuff they can help you with, a good web designer can help you craft the perfect CTAs. They know what to write and also where to place the CTAs, which is one more way these designers boost your revenue.

The Power of Responsive Design

Have you ever asked yourself how prospective customers are visiting your site?

On some unconscious level, many business owners seem to assume that people are visiting from desktop computers. Accordingly, they end up designing sites optimized for desktops. Unfortunately, such sites usually look awful when viewed on a mobile device.

Additionally, more users now surf the internet using mobile devices rather than desktop computers. If you create a site optimized only for desktops, you are alienating that majority. But if you create a site optimized only for mobile, you are alienating those visitors instead.

There is, however, a third way: responsive design. A great web designer can use responsive design for your site, which means it will effectively resize itself based on the size of the user’s screen.

When all is said and done, you will have a website that looks absolutely perfect no matter how someone visits it!

How to Hire a Professional Web Designer?

Now you know how a professional web designer can help your business. But do you know where to find the best designer when you need them?

Here at Key Element Media, we specialize in creating perfect websites. To see how we can help you make more money, simply contact us today!

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